Here are the websites, books, courses, podcasts, and tools that I couldn’t live without as a freelance writer.

I’ve included some affiliate links to products I use and love — thanks for supporting Where to Pitch! 

Freelancing & Pitching

The Write Life

One of the most comprehensive writing sites on the web, with tons of posts on freelancing.

Nieman Lab

Don’t miss “The Pitch,”which asks editors what they’re looking for (and features winning pitches!). Also great: Storyboard 75, a collection of its most popular posts on narrative writing.

Opportunities of the Week

Sonia’s newsletter culls Twitter for calls for pitches — and is well worth the $3/month.


This free database helps you find — or at least make an educated guess about — editors’ email addresses.


This sleek all-in-one pitching platform often features calles for pitches from prominent editors.

The Content Marketing Writer

If you want to break into content marketing writing (which = $$$ for you), Jennifer’s book, blog, and FB group are great resources.

Sales Navigator for Gmail

Curious if you’ve gotten an editor’s email address right? This free tool syncs LinkedIn and Gmail so you know when you’ve hit the jackpot.

The Open Notebook’s Pitch Database

Pitches that worked (from science, environmental, and health writers), along with the resulting stories.

The Freelance Beat

This weekly newsletter from Tatiana Walk-Morris features calls for pitches and the latest journalism news.

Money Stuff

Who Pays Writers

This brilliant site was the inspiration for Where to Pitch. Go here to see how much different publications pay — and don’t forget to submit your own experiences!

Freelance Rates Database

Similar to the site above, this Contently site reveals what freelancers were paid. Scanning through the homepage can give you some great ideas on where to pitch.

Your Rate

This super simple tool calculates how much you should be charging hourly. (It’s probably more than you think.)


Finally get your finances in order with this FREE accounting program.

Books / Podcasts / Courses

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Classic writing book, and originator of the “shitty first draft.” Clearly she’s a hero.

The Longform Podcast

Fascinating interviews with journalists, editors, producers, etc.

Get Better Clients and Earn More Money by The Write Life

Want to ditch the content mills? This ebook is chock-full of real-life advice.

Scratch by Manjula Martin

Essays about writing and money.

The Creative Class

Paul Jarvis’ course teaches the business of freelancing. (My friend Heather, a freelance editor, raves about it.)

The Copy Cure

A fellow writer recommended this free copywriting course from Marie Forleo.

Writers' Rough Drafts

Elisa Doucette’s engaging podcast features writers of all stripes.

Essentialism by Greg McKeown and 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam

As a freelance writer, you have a million balls in the air — which is why I loved these authors’ approaches to managing time and determining what really matters. Essentialism | 168 Hours 

Storycraft by Jack Hart

A deep dive into the art of writing narrative nonfiction.

High-Income Business Writing

This podcast’s name says it all.

Tools for Freelance Writers


Sign and send contracts online — for free. (Use my link, and we both get a free doc!)


No more back-and-forth emails for scheduling interviews — this free plug-in makes you look like a total pro!

Screen Shader

You stare at a computer all. day. long. So save your eyes! You should use this to ensure you stand up every 20 minutes, too.


An awesome organizational tool that helps you track your life, business, and pitches.

Marinara: Pomodoro Assistant

Doubt I would ever get any writing done without this extension.


Build your platform by sharing interesting articles with just one click. I use the free  plan, which lets me schedule 10 articles at a time.


I use this hosting service for all my sites; its support is amazing.


I adore this shop’s selection of beautiful WordPress themes. I use the Quinn theme on my personal site.

Tyler Hammett

Shameless plug for my boy toy. If you need a clean, responsive, and affordable website, shoot him an email.

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